# VSF v1


This version of the documentation is related to Vue Storefront V1 and is marked as deprecated. If you use Vue Storefront Next please visit recent version.

Storefront Cloud is a Kubernetes and Git based hosting service for Vue Storefront (opens new window).

We've got good news for you: This is the right place for getting all the information you need to start using the Cloud and move your eCommerce to the next level!

# Register

In order to use the tools described in these docs, please go to Storefront Cloud and register your account.

Registration form

After that, the Cloud Team will contact you to finalize the order and payment. After all the formal requirements fulfilled, your Cloud instance will be started and all the necessary information will be passed to you in order to start using the service.

By default, all customers get two public instances:

  • https://instance-name.storefrontcloud.io
  • https://instance-name-test.storefrontcloud.io

... plus Two Git repositories - one for Frontend app (opens new window) and another for API app (opens new window).

All the code is deployed using the zero-downtime scheme.

To access your environment you'll get the following information:

Read more on the Architecture to better understand the Storefront Cloud setup.

# Support

To get direct help please contact us via:

# Community

Storefront Cloud is powered by Vue Storefront (opens new window) technology which is Open Source. You may get help regarding Vue Storefront development directly from the Community via: